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NEOTEK is a Greek company actively specializing in the supply and technical support of instrumentation involved in scientific research and industrial applications in the fields of civil, mechanical, geotechnical, structural and seismological engineering.

Neotek was established in 1969 and since 2003 is an ISO9001 certified company.
Ρrojects completed: over
Clients in Greece & abroad: over


customer support in identifying suitable equipment // timely processing & delivery of orders // installation & user training // after sales technical support // repairs // existing system upgrades



Involved in major infrastructure projects in Greece, namely New Halkis Bridge, Egnatia Motorway Tunnels, OAKA Stadium, Athens Metro, Stavros Niarchos Foundation // Supplied the majority of public and private civil engineering laboratories // Installed seismic monitoring systems on PPC dams…and many more



equipment from leading manufacturers // transducers // laboratory testing equipment // geotechnical instruments // earthquake and structural monitoring systems // seismic simulators // nondestructive concrete testing units…and a lot more


Corinth Canal

During landslide restoration works mid 2022 at the Corinth Canal, NEOTEK supplied load cells for pre-tensioned anchors and installed a central data acquisition system for monitoring remotely possible load variations…

Aegean Motorway

At the beginning of 2022, NEOTEK supplied two portable static and dynamic vehicle weighing systems to the Moschohori toll station in Larissa. The systems were installed at the recipient’s premises,…

Dafnozonara Dam

In 2021, NEOTEK undertook the expansion of the existing network of accelerometers and geotechnical instruments at the Dafnozonara Dam owned by TERNA ENERGY. The accelerometer network was expanded by a…

University of West Attica

At the end of 2021, our company supplied and delivered in full operation a Servo-hydraulic system for testing building materials, as well as a 150ton dual-action hydraulic cylinder with a…

Private company, Avlona, Attiki

In 2020, NEOTEK undertook the design, supply, installation & commissioning of an earthquake monitoring system at a private storage building in Avlona, to be used as an early warning system.…

Athens Metro Line 3

In 2020, NEOTEK supplied and installed autonomous digital accelerographs to monitor earthquakes at three Athens Metro stations, namely Nikea, Korydallos & Piraeus.


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Measuring & Testing Systems for Science & Industry

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3 days ago

Εκπαιδευτικη μονοαξονικη σεισμικη τραπεζα #NeotekThis state-of-the-art large-scale #shaketable is designed to simulate real-world seismic events, making it an essential tool for testing the structural integrity of buildings, bridges, and other critical infrastructure. With a 20-ton payload capacity, this shake table can handle even the most demanding testing scenarios, ensuring that the structures we build can withstand even the most severe earthquakes.The shake table is operated by a team of experienced faculty and engineers, who use advanced control systems to precisely replicate the ground motion of actual earthquakes. This allows them to test the response of structures under realistic conditions, providing valuable data that can be used to improve design and construction practices.If you're designing and building critical infrastructure, this shake table is an essential device for ensuring that your structures are safe and reliable. Contact us at sales@quakelogic.net to learn more about our testing capabilities and to learn more about our 20-ton capacity large-scale shake table.#shaketable #earthquake #structural_integrity #testing #youtubeislife #subscriber #youtubeguru #youtubecontent #newvideo #subscribers #youtubevideo #youtub #youtuber #youtubevideos ... See MoreSee Less

Εκπαιδευτικη μονοαξονικη σεισμικη τραπεζα #Neotek
1 week ago

Συμμετεχουμε κι εμεις!!!! #Neotek ... See MoreSee Less

Συμμετεχουμε κι εμεις!!!! #Neotek
2 weeks ago

ΔΩΡΕΑΝ ΠΑΡΟΥΣΙΑΣΗ ΟΡΓΑΝΩΝ ΜΗ ΚΑΤΑΣΤΡΟΦΙΚΩΝ ΕΛΕΓΧΩΝ ΣΤΙΣ 27-01-2023 ΣΤΟ ΚΠΙΣΝ. Δήλωση συμμετοχής: info@neotek.gr #Neotek ... See MoreSee Less

ΣΤΙΣ 27-01-2023 ΣΤΟ ΚΠΙΣΝ. 
Δήλωση συμμετοχής: info@neotek.gr       #Neotek
1 month ago

Χρόνια Πολλά και Καλή Χρονιά!!! #Neotek ... See MoreSee Less

Χρόνια Πολλά και Καλή Χρονιά!!! #neotekImage attachment
2 months ago

Οργανα Γεωτεχνικης Μηχανικης παρακολουθησης εργων Πολιτικου Μηχανικου #NeotekWe are partners in the execution of large-scale projects, ensuring the understanding and response to all kinds of environmental and climate threats to these projects. We provided for the online monitoring of the geotechnical instrumentation and presentation of near real-time data for the Teesta-V Hydroelectric Project. The project utilizes the untapped mechanical energy resource that was otherwise being wasted. It generates clean and green power causing negligible emissions of greenhouse gases.We do multiple tests before using the products consisting of Thermal cycling (-20° to +80°), Pressure cycling (2000 cycles), temperature compensation tests, reverse pressure tests, stability tests for 3 days, overload tests for up to 150 % of its full range, accuracy test, and burn-in test with in-house load testing machine to test up to 15000 kN to minimize long-term drift and detect any component failure. The testing and calibration system is certified by NPL (National Physical Laboratory), India.The products used in the project are a piezometer, water level recorder, pressure cells, borehole extensometer, joint meter, temperature meter, plumb lines, seepage measurement system, prism targets, automatic data acquisition system, and seismographs.Visit the link to learn more about the project: www.encardio.com/projects/teesta-stage-v-hydroelectric-plant #metasensing #piezometer #testing #teestadam #monitoring #thermalcycling #pressurecycling #stabilitytest #sensors #geotechnical #geomechanics #safety #megastructure #monitoring #innovation #instrumentation ... See MoreSee Less

Οργανα Γεωτεχνικης Μηχανικης παρακολουθησης εργων Πολιτικου Μηχανικου #Neotek

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