Democritus University of Thrace

During mid-2007, NEOTEK supplied and installed a 1 dof SHAKE TABLE with 3.4mx3.4m area to the Department of Civil Engineering, which is used for various structural testing applications under different earthquake scenarios. The table isexpandable to triaxial.

University of Patras

At the end of 2008, a uniaxial Seismic Table was supplied and installed by NEOTEK at the Department of Civil Engineering.  The table area is 3mx5m, it is expandable to triaxial, and is used for structural testing and earthquake simulation.


The first educational seismic simulator system in Greece was supplied and installed by NEOTEK at the Municipality of Rentis, Athens. The table has an area of 3x5m and was structured as a household kitchen so that students & visitors could be educated how to respond to earthquakes.

Frederick University, Cyprus

A small shake table was supplied by our company together with building models of different heights and ancillary instrumentation such as accelerometers, strain gauges & displacement transducers for educational and small-scale research purposes to the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Similar systems have been supplied to the University of Patras, the Technological Institute of…

University of Patras

Neotek supplied two MTS fully equipped servo-hydraulic Materials Testing Systems to the Laboratory of Technology and Strength of Material some two decades ago. In 2016, the 250kN System Controller was replaced by the latest technology one. It was installed successfully and is fully operational.

National Technical University of Athens

Several years ago, Neotek supplied to the Laboratory of Pavement Engineering the first dedicated pavement & asphalt MTS Servo-hydraulic testing system. In 2015, the Laboratory replaced the complete old electronic control system and software with a latest technology one that was supplied and fully commissioned by NEOTEK.

National Technical University of Athens

NEOTEK supplied to the Shipbuilding Technology Laboratory, School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, originally a 250kN and later on a 100kN, fully equipped MTS Servo-hydraulic Testing Systems for applied research purposes. Both systems were upgraded to the latest electronic control technology and are fully operational.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

A biaxial servo-hydraulic Structural Testing System was supplied by NEOTEK to the School of Civil Engineering, Laboratory of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures, for testing real size structural elements in the special strong floor-mounted steel frame area of the laboratory. A state-of-the-art electronic control system was supplied and installed in 2014 that provides elaborate simultaneous…