Corinth Canal

During landslide restoration works mid 2022 at the Corinth Canal, NEOTEK supplied load cells for pre-tensioned anchors and installed a central data acquisition system for monitoring remotely possible load variations throughout the project works.

Aegean Motorway

At the beginning of 2022, NEOTEK supplied two portable static and dynamic vehicle weighing systems to the Moschohori toll station in Larissa. The systems were installed at the recipient’s premises, set up, commissioned, and demonstrated to end users. The systems will be used by the Motorway Police Patrol for monitoring vehicles for overweight.

Dafnozonara Dam

In 2021, NEOTEK undertook the expansion of the existing network of accelerometers and geotechnical instruments at the Dafnozonara Dam owned by TERNA ENERGY. The accelerometer network was expanded by a new sensor and a Terminal Station, while the dynamic monitoring software was upgraded to current version. Regarding the geotechnical instruments, three crack meters and an…

University of West Attica

At the end of 2021, our company supplied and delivered in full operation a Servo-hydraulic system for testing building materials, as well as a 150ton dual-action hydraulic cylinder with a stroke of 200 mm to the Reinforced Concrete Laboratory of the School of Civil Engineering.

Private company, Avlona, Attiki

In 2020, NEOTEK undertook the design, supply, installation & commissioning of an earthquake monitoring system at a private storage building in Avlona, to be used as an early warning system. The alarm system comprises of light and sound signals, designed to notify working personnel to take the necessary protection measures in case of an earthquake.