Plaka bridge

In 2019, during the reconstruction of the historic Plaka bridge in western Greece, NEOTEK supplied and installed instruments for monitoring the structural integrity of the bridge during the construction phase. In addition, a permanent system was installed in order to follow up the bridge status in the years to come. Topographic targets, crackmeters and VW…

PPC Ptolemais station

A system with a central wireless automatic data logger for monitoring the possible deformations of the steel structure of the Tower was supplied and installed by NEOTEK in 2018 during the lifting phase of the side walls of the new 5th Power Station of the PPC development in Ptolemais.

Skiron Tunnel

Early 2017, NEOTEK supplied and installed a number of Vibrating Wire Crackmeters in a tunnel located on the Athens – Corinth Motorway. A central automatic data logger on site allows the owner, Olympia Odos, telemetrically monitoring of existing cracks.

Klokova Tunnel

During 2015 and 2016, NEOTEK supplied TERNA SA over 400 geotechnical instruments, namely shotcrete pressure cells, piezometers, VW strain gauges and load cells for tunnel monitoring during various construction phases.

Holy Sepulcher

For the reconstruction of the Holy Sepulcher monument undertaken by NTUA in 2016, NEOTEK supplied to the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem a Dynamic structural health monitoring system, a Multichannel Wireless system aimed to monitor temperature and relative humidity, and a portable Ultrasonic Tomography unit for the evaluation of the structural integrity.

PPC Dams

In 2016 NEOTEK supplied and installed a number of the latest technology, high resolution, digital Accelerographs to monitor structural response during earthquakes on seven PPC Hydro-electric Dams all over Greece. Neotek has been supplying strong motion accelerograph systems to PPC for several decades.

Stavros Niarchos FCC

During the construction phase of one of the most important developments in Athens, NEOTEK supplied and installed a Soil Extensometer in 2013 for monitoring possible deformations of the artificial hill, a Strain/Load monitoring system employed during the de-propping phase of the solar collector roof canopy in 2015, and supported a Digital Accelerograph system for initial…

8th Hellenic Conference in Geotechnical Engineering

Athens, 6-8 November 2019 | War Museum NEOTEK announces the participation at the 8th Hellenic Conference in Geotechnical Engineering organized by the Hellenic Society for Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering. NEOTEK has supplied and installed equipment for soil and rock testing at the majority of the Greek private and public laboratories and also, geotechnical instruments,…

Digital Construction Expo-Forum

Athens, 11-13 May 2019 | Olympic Fencing center NEOTEK participates as an exhibitor at the Digital Construction Expo – Forum, which is addressed to professionals in the field of construction, and introduces the use of new technological tools for construction, infrastructure, architecture and urban regeneration. Our company will present smart portable Non Destructive instruments using…