Sieves and Sakers, Cone Penetrometer, Liquid Limit Casagrande, Plastic limit, Shrinkage limit, Hydrometer test, pH Indicator papers, Munsell Soil Chart

Field Inspection and sampling

Extruders, Hand Augering and Sampling, Power Augers, Sample preparation, Water level, Pocket Penetrometers, Dynamic Cone Penetrometer, Pocket Shear Vane tester, Speedy Moisture tester

Compacted road base & sub-base soils

Automatic Soils Compactor, Proctor Moulds and Rammers, Vibratory compactors, Clegg Impact Hammer, Proctor Penetrometer, CBR test machines, CBR Moulds and accessories, CBR Swelling test, In-Situ CBR test, Sand Cone Density test, Sand Replacement set, Ballon Density Apparatus, Plate Loading Test, Light Weight Deflectometer, Soil Stiffness Gauge, Electrical Density Gauge

Laboratory Testing

Samples extrudres, Soil Lathe and Trimmer, Front Loading Oedometer, Automatic Oedometer, CRS system, Rowe Cell testing system, Direct Shear, Automated Direct Shear, Large Direct Shear, Ring Shear, Simple Shear, Dynamic Simple Shear, UnSaturated Shear Testing System, Unconfined Compression Testing Machine, Semi-automatic and Fully Automatic Triaxial testing system, Dynamic Cyclic and Unsaturated Triaxial testing systems, Bender Elements, Hall Effect Local Strain transucers, LVDT Local Strain Transducers, Mid Plane Pressure and Sunction probes, Resonant Column Apparatus, Hollow Cylinder Apparatus, Falling and Constant Head Permeability testing, Pinhole Apparatus, Vane Apparatus