Uniaxial/Biaxial Seismic Tables

Structures that withstand strong earthquakes will prevent human losses and major disruptions in the society. The continuous research on building stronger structures and higher quality materials makes the use of such tables essential for Civil Engineering Laboratories

Multiaxial Seismic Simulators

These systems can simulate the destructive parameters of earthquakes allowing civil engineers to study structures that fail during an earthquake and develop new techniques and materials for saving lives and properties

Forced structural excitation

Electrodynamic shakers-exciters for vibrating structures at their natural resonance frequencies delivering random, transient or sinusoidal waveforms. Portable powerful systems requiring separate vibration recording

Vibration recorders

Portable vibration recorders for assessment of environmental vibrations causing wear, noise and discomfort to humans and machinery.

Vibration isolation systems

Steel spring, air spring, elastomer/rubber isolators. Level control units, dampers, vibration absorbing foundation, vibration isolation tables

Test Rig Components

Platforms, Rotor blade testing, wind turbine testing, test frames, high force load frames, pit covers, tilting platforms, shaker tables, foundations, single & multi-axial positioning systems